Good photography takes Patience.

I’m an accomplished photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. My work’s been published in a range of forms for online, print and television.

I have the satisfaction of my work hanging in some prestigious places, including the Office of the Commissioner of the New Zealand Police; and the Chief Executive's Office of the New Zealand Transport Agency. My photos have been displayed in corporate reception areas and foyers, meeting rooms, and incorporated into promotional materials.

My father handed me my first camera right at the time the school newspaper needed a photographer. My first job was in a camera store which, like many aspiring photographers, set me on a journey of creativity.

These days, I prefer to shoot time lapse movies using a range of motion control gear. For me, time lapse is about breaking new ground, trying new techniques and seeking out new and remote locations.

On viewing one of my videos, someone once commented: "Stephen Patience...what a great surname for a time-lapse photographer".

More recently, I’ve successfully completed a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (drone) course on regulations and operator conduct through the Massey University School of Aviation.

There’s four things I like to remind people about my photography:

  1. I don’t shoot 'snaps';
  2. I never shoot landscapes in portrait;
  3. My shoot locations are like best fishing spots. I won't tell you where they are; and
  4. I'd rather be behind the camera shooting a scene than behind the screen talking about the camera

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