Stephen Patience is an accomplished film maker specialising in motion-control time-lapse photography. He sees time-lapse as an evolving dynamic art form that captures the ever changing scene at a pace the human eye would not be able to see.

His interest in photography began with a Kodak Instamatic followed by an Agfa Silette which he inherited at the time his father upgraded to a single lens reflex camera.  After leaving school, Stephen worked in a camera store and processed his own shots in the darkroom.

In more recent times, Stephen has twice been awarded ‘winner’ for time-lapse in the prestigious New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition.

Stephen has also worked with the production team for "The Dead Lands" TV series to produce a number of time-lapse sequences.  His work has also been published and used in other international film media.

His current projects include a desire for story telling using flow motion time-lapse techniques. His aim is to explore some of the more remote and hard to get to locations and back country places in New Zealand.

As someone once said: 'Stephen Patience - what a great surname for someone who does time-lapse'.

Having successfully completed a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (drone) course on regulations and operator conduct through the Massey University School of Aviation, Stephen appreciates the unique aerial perspectives that a few have only been able to capture up until now.