Stephen Patience Photography is new to Cromwell.  I offer aerial photography for real estate professionals and property developers to help them with unique marketing opportunities for print and web. This service not only makes any property stand out, it also provides an elevated perspective that shows the entirety of the property which might otherwise be hard to see at ground level.

How it works

I work with you

Capturing the images is best done on the weekend - that's when most people are around. Your client can be my extra eyes and ears and to liaise with neighbours when approval is needed to fly over their property.

It doesn't take long

Each flight to shoot a property takes close to 15 minutes. I like to get them done without bringing attention to the situation. Flights are best done at the time when the weather and light is good.

Accredited drone pilot

I have successfully completed a remote pilot aircraft system (RPAS) course through Massey University School of Aviation on regulations and operator conduct. I'm also an award-winning photographer specialising in time-lapse and aerial photography.

Example aerial photos


Here's the deal

You get this . . .

A total of 5 high resolution images for print and web from various perspectives depending on permissions, where appropriate. Each image is further enhanced using professional Adobe imaging software

Plus a private web gallery . . .

Before the weekend is out, you'll be sent a link to a secure online viewing area where you can scroll through and download the images. Your designer can start on your marketing collateral !

At this great price

$150 + GST. There are additional costs for travel outside of Cromwell and when extras are needed such as indicative boundary lines or text call-outs overlaid onto the photo

Private web gallery

Your client won't want other's seeing these photos before anyone else.  I'll send you an email with a secure link and password once the job is done.  You or your designer can download the photographs directly from a gallery like this one here.  The password is 'gallery'.

Safety first

  • Before each flight, the property is surveyed for hazards like the proximity of buildings, trees, and overhead lines;
  • As a RPAS operator, I always wear a high visibility vest
  • Where possible, I call upon others to be a ‘spotter’ and to listen out for aircraft that may be operating in the area
  • All shoots are undertaken with ample battery charge
  • See 'The gear I use' below which  the safety features of this RPAS.

Rules and flight plans

  • All my flights are registered on Airshare;
  • I follow the CAA rules as set out here;
  • I operate on CAA s101 rules and permitted to operate in a commercial capacity;
  • I liaise with local aircraft pilots and aerodromes before I fly; and
  • I operate with the approval of Central Otago District Council.

The gear I use

I fly the latest DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ (Obsidian edition) with DJI's new low noise propellers. This RPAS is equipped with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems to ensure it stays safe in the air. The RPAS also has an obstacle sensory system to prevent any mishap.

Call today !

Contact Stephen on 029 77 666 83 (029 PROMOTE) to book your aerial photography shoot, or message me here through my Contact page. Please be sure to notify me with ample time so that the approval planning can be obtained prior to a flight.