I’m not one to boast a lot about my achievements, but 2018 was an extraordinary year for me.  Not only did I do well in few competitions, I was also invited by the movie industry to do produce some time-lapse sequences.

An email came to my inbox where the sender introduced himself as the Production Manager for a new TV Series called The Dead Lands.

“We are on the hunt for a time lapse photographer to produce some shots. Your website shows some work which is very similar to what we’re looking for. We’re very keen for you to shoot some time-lapse material”.

It’s an honor when your work gets recognised and a commissioned job comes from that.  My footage had to be filmed on New Zealand’s notorious West Coast.  One of the scenes I shot is the header image on this page.  It was a welcome site after a weekend of rain to capture a time-lapse of these ‘God rays’ streaming down over the water.  You’ll get to see this and a few more later in 2019.  Be sure to check out this clip here which tells of the making of the eight part TV series due for release in 2019.  The series has been commissioned by AMC, a media streaming service probably best known for their Breaking Bad series.  At this stage, I have no idea how the footage will be used.  Here’s a few Instagram scenes including some of my time-lapse gear:



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Many of you who follow me may be aware that I shoot my images with Nikon cameras and lenses.  I was especially pleased when I was invited to become one of the selected few that Nikon New Zealand says ‘shape the world of photography’.  That entitles me to a profile along side some of New Zealand’s top photographers on the ‘My Nikon Life‘ website.  There are a number of benefits that come with this, one of them being the opportunity to try the latest cameras and lenses.  Panasonic Lumix New Zealand have also offered me something similar.  They are the sponsors of the time-lapse category for the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of The Year.

Achievements for 2018

What’s on my radar for 2019 ?

I’m looking to enter a few more competitions, produce a new time-lapse movie with some unique footage, all going well.  Plus, I’m hoping to produce a small flow motion time-lapse using my new GoPro Hero 7.  My aim is to try and tell a story using this medium.  The Hero 7 is my 3rd GoPro and they really great cameras.  The Hero 7 has their ‘hypersmooth’ feature which delivers beautiful ‘gimbal-like’ stable footage, straight out of the camera.  There will also be some autumn footage from a trip or 3 to the stunning Mackenzie country.  I’m impressed if you’ve read this far down.  It proves that my efforts are not wasted writing these blogs.  The first to message me will get a free 2019 calendar sent to them.  I’ll also be doing some cityscape footage in Auckland and Wellington having already checked out my locations.

I wish you all well for 2019 !