It needs to be stated that I cannot live alone on the income I make with my photography.  The advice from my father is not to give up my day job, and that’s good advice.

My desire however is that sometime in future, closer to my retirement maybe, I can be reliant on the income I might generate from doing time-lapse.  But that requires establishing myself some more.

In the meantime, I shall continue in my role working in the area of transportation which helps to pay the mortgage and update my gear.  Specialising in transportation photography is something I intend to develop further.  Helping me with getting that exposure was the image below.  It was selected as the winning image for the Transportation Group New Zealand website.  To be honest, I don’t think the competition was widely promoted and the prize meant your image would be immortalised on their homepage.  That’s all very good, but something in recognition would be nice, and I got that. A small prize.

The image here is one from a time-lapse I shot from the bonnet of my car using a GoPro.  It was taken just on sunset while driving on the Wellington Urban Motorway with the line office buildings reflecting the pink clouds in the sky.  I like the leading lines which draw your eye to the centre of the frame which is in focus. I also like it because the emphasis is on movement.  You can see the actual image in my Transport portfolio and in the header above. I can see why they chose it.