I have received nothing but positive comments and feedback from visitors to my website, and that’s really great to hear. I have slowly worked to get it the way I want, but it didn’t come easy.

A few years back, I was on a free hosting site in the US and that had limitations in what I could do. I decided not to be a cheapskate and invested in having site hosted back here using WordPress as my content management.  I’m glad I did, mainly due to the support I need.  I wanted my website to look good and then purchased a theme for photographers.  I did not want to do it myself so engaged the services of a WordPress webpage builder.  He decided my theme was too hard to install and decided I should instead use one he was more familiar with.  I decided to go with this, given that I got the job done for $600.  At the time, I thought it was good value.  The site looked good too, showcasing my still images.

About a year later, I had a change of mind.  I felt the site did not showcase what I really wanted to show the world, i.e., my time-lapses. I hunted across the web and evaluated about half a dozen themes, mainly in the space of film making.  It seemed everyone was going for the new trend of a scrolling text over still images and they looked great too – but everyone was using them.

Then I came across a theme called Inspiro by WPZoom, a Moldova WordPress theme design company. They make a huge number of themes for foodies through to magazine types sites with handful of plugins.

I installed Inspiro myself and learned how to do almost everything.  I worked away at making it look the way I want and called on WPZoom for their support where needed.  There were some technical aspects I could not do, however their support team were very responsive and helped with issues I couldn’t resolve.  I trusted them to go onto my site and resolve the issues in a fraction of the time it would take me.  More recently, I learned that fellow US time-lapse and landscape photographer, Michael Shainblum also uses this theme. That makes me feel it was a good decision to get this theme.  Not only does it show my time-lapse, I have also made galleries for my still shots too !

What attracted me to the Inspiro theme was the slideshow with video background for a homepage that embeds videos directly from my Vimeo channel. That means I don’t have to use expensive web drive space.

Inspiro is a professional photo and video focused theme with a modern design.  It is packed with features including a fullscreen slideshow that supports YouTube & self-hosted videos in background and a widgetized homepage and gallery module.  Inspiro is perfect for showing off your portfolio, images and videos.  See the links below to learn more.

Link to Inspiro here
Link to WPZoom here