I would have liked to have got this blog to you way before now, but I’ve been busy getting my new website made, and working on my latest Wellington flow-motion time lapse production.  There are a lot of things competing for my time lately.  Plus the New Year didn’t get off to a good start with my dog Pepsi.  Sadly, he had a tumor on his heart and had to be put down.  You can see a small movie I made as a tribute to his life here on YouTube.

I’ve had some help to get my new website up and running with many of my favorite photos, but more importantly, my new domain name better suits my branding as ‘Stephen Patience Photography’.  My new domain name tells you who I am and what I do.  It’s my logo, it’s my watermark, and now it’s my URL, all rolled into one.  All one needs to do is enter www.stephenpatience.photography into the browser and you’re there.  Take a look around.  My favorite pictures feature on the homepage, so no need for a gallery.

As well as doing this website stuff, I’m working hard to get my new flow-motion movie ready to show.  There’s a lot of production sitting behind the PC just to get it looking right.  It will feature of lot of Wellington with some drive lapse, hyperlapse, stop motion, little planets, light painting with the Pixelstick, bokeh, and some kaleidoscope, maybe, along with some pretty cool transitions to stitch it all together.  Wellington is the creative capital and this will definitely reflect that theme.

You may have seen some of imagery using my latest camera toy from my gear cupboard.  It’s the Ricoh ThetaS 360 camera.  It’s not high end but does 360 spherical panoramas as stills or video.  I’ve done some great things with it already and I’m impressed with the creativity it offers to make ‘little planets’ and much more.  See one of my 360 spherical panoramas below and a recent article here on stuff.co.nz.  So far, my video has received nearly 7,300 views with a reach to over 34,000 people.  I’m not sure if that’s viral, but I am impressed.

It’s that time of year when the seasons change. I’m now preparing some North Island locations for a new road trip planned for the later half of April. I’ll be starting at Cape Rienga and searching for the best light and locations the North Island has to offer.  I’ll also be taking my drone and hoping to get some aerial footage too.

Here’s tip if you have an Android device with the latest technology for 360 viewing. Simply pull it up on full screen, rotate the phone onto its side (landscape view to maximise the screen), and then hit play.  Take a spin around in your chair and lean back to see the full benefits of this latest technology.

Here’s the 360 Video. Enjoy.