In my last blog, I mentioned that my time lapse had been selected as a finalist. This was my second year at entering, but the competition is high. Unfortunately, I did not get a placing.  That’s fine.  I was happy just being a finalist and that is something special in itself. Anything more would have been a bonus. I know that next year, I have to try and lift my game and and think outside of the box.  Time -lapse artists are really pushing the boundaries and this raises the bar.  I have a few ideas already, but they won’t come without a lot of work.

In the lead up to the prize giving night, it was great to see part of my time-lapse entry playing on national TV, namely Television New Zealand One News here.  They showed a few seconds to show what’s up next, after the ads. How awesome is that ?  Someone at TVNZ must have liked it.

Thanks to all those who took the time to vote for me for the People’s Choice award. You can see the results of the NZ Geographic 2016 Photographer of the Year competition here. I’ve also made a version of my time-lapse titled ‘New Zealand Land of light . . . and shadow’ which you can see below.  After just a few days, it was trending at number 10 on Vimeo. For me, the music I selected epitomizes the essence of New Zealand.

I have talked before about my drone and aerial photography. There’s also an increase where visual content now shows both time-lapse and aerial footage. These styles of photography are very complimentary to each other. My current drone is hexa-copter and is large to transport around. For that reason, it hasn’t really seen much use. Seems camera drones are now getting smaller and more portable where the rotor arms can be folded away making them small compact and easier to carry.  This opens up the boundaries of where photographers can go to get that rare footage, i.e., in the back country where some content hasn’t yet been captured.

I recently added the DJI Phantom 4 to my camera gear room. It came down in price and it was a great opportunity to get one and try out some of its great filming features. I’m particularly impressed with the intelligent filming features. These make it really easy to film great content with ease without having to be a pro-camera operator. With an upcoming practical flying test, I now need to get some practice in to actually fly it. I need to be competent to fly in various orientations and modes to complete my certification through the Massey University School of Aviation.  No crashes yet though !  Anyway, here’s a few recent things I’ve done:


This urban city-scape was captured as part of a time-lapse over lower Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand. I…

Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Saturday, 27 August 2016


A recent trip to the City of Sails (Auckland, New Zealand) and an early rise got me this shot. I had hoped to do a …

Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Monday, 29 August 2016


Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Friday, 23 September 2016


Lastly, I just wanted to let my followers know that I won’t be producing a calendar case like I’d made last year for 2016.  Basically, I don’t have enough images that would be at the standard I’d usually incorporate.  I have however ordered 100 A5 calendar jewel cases.  These will look great for a production to be used in 2018.