I’m excited to announce that my latest time-lapse has been selected as a finalist in the annual New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition. This is considered the most prestigious photography competition in New Zealand having recently opened up a new category for time-lapse. Mine is among 5 other finalists.

I have titled my entry ‘New Zealand – Land of light and shadow.  The time-lapse shows the contrasting change and the effect of light and shadow on the landscape. Many of the scenes were captured earlier this year in the giant Te Paki sand dunes in the far north of New Zealand and at Poolburn in Central Otago in the deep south.

Also observed are the effects of mother nature with changes in weather, the Milky Way, volcanic activity, and a rare display of the Aurora Australis. The scenes are not something we might typically see every day given their remote locations, harsh environments, or the frequency in which an event may happen.

Complimenting this beautiful scenery is some stunning music using traditional Maori instruments, namely the Kōauau, the most common of the Maori flutes. The track is ‘Waiora’ with music by Horomona Horo, composer and musician who plays the Kōauau accompanied by Rodger Cunningham on guitar. Horomona has very kindly allowed me to use his music.

Now it’s your turn to be the judge! I’d really appreciate you taking a moment to vote for my time-lapse in the People’s Choice Award. That would mean a lot to me. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on my sand dune image below. It will take you to the NZ Geographic photographer of the year webpage
  2. Look for a thumbnail of the same image among the others. It’s two-thirds down
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Click to play and remember to have some volume !
  4. At the end, and assuming you like it, please vote for my time-lapse by clicking the first of the 3 boxes which says ‘Click to add image’. As shown below, a thumbnail image will sit there as your first choice on the row
  5. Close the pop-up-box. Vote for others you might like, but do make them your 2nd and 3rd choice 😉
  6. Your selection will be there next to a button that says ‘Vote Now’. Click on that ! A small pop-up window will prompt you to provide your email, but you don’t have to provide that if you enter ‘false’. Simply click ‘Submit Vote’. You’re almost all done !
  7. Lastly, be in to win ! Share on Facebook when prompted immediately after your vote and tag me, or Stephen Patience Photography. Let me know you’ve done that and you will then go into a draw to win a one of 5 of my upcoming 2017 A5 desktop calendar cases available in early December. Thanks for voting! I greatly appreciate it.
Click here to vote.  Look for this image.
Click here to vote and look for this image.

If you get the get the chance to go to Auckland or Christchurch in the coming months, be sure to see my time-lapse in full 4K ultra high definition on 55″ TVs in shipping containers at these locations:

  • Christchurch – Cathedral Square from September 3 to 18, open 10am to 5pm daily, including weekends.
  • Auckland – Karanga Plaza on Auckland’s waterfront (near North Wharf) and will be on site October 8–November 6, 10am to 5pm daily, including weekends.

In the meantime, there are some of the images from this time-lapse on my Facebook and Instagram channels – links below.   Enjoy . . .