For some time now, I have had a number of my time lapse clips sitting on my hard drives.  I have often thought that it’s time I put them up on 3 of the big stock photography websites to see if I can recoup some of the money I invest in my gear.  It’s fortunate that I have not long got my fiber broadband connected because it’s been going day and night lately, uploading over 50 of my high resolution clips which have been titivated, tagged and titled.  This has only just been completed and so it’s a matter of now sitting back and reaping the rewards while starting a new year and gathering more content to sell along side them.

On a separate matter, I’m really pleased to see my ‘Stephen Patience Photography’ Facebook page reach 1000 likes.  It wasn’t that long ago when I got a 100 but ten times that tells me that people do enjoy seeing what I do.  It really is annoying though when I get a number of what seem to be fake followers, mainly from Nigeria or around that region.  Anyway, a big thanks to my dedicated followers and especially those who get this far down and read my blog.  Be sure though to click below and follow me on Facebook, if you haven’t already.  That way you’ll get to see more.

Another year is over !  I had hoped to get calendars made but I just didn’t have enough new images to put it together.  There will be one for 2018 though.  It will be a calendar jewel case like the one I did for 2016, although it will be A5 in size, a bit bigger than before and more attention grabbing.

I’m already planning my annual trips this year and my drone is going to be a big part of my content gathering.  Some will even be for sale, if they’re good enough.  I just have to remember that I have t fly it in the opposite direction to where my time lapse gear is shooting.  2017 will be a big year for me as I being to plan my ideas for a some entries in the NZ Geographic Photographer of the year competition.  One thing I hope to get done in early 2017 is to complete my practical drone flying test to complete my wings certification through the Massey University School of Aviation.

I’d like to leave you with this clip below from a trip I did to Tauranga in November.  With some spare time on a fine spring evening, I took a short walk up to the top of Mount Maunganui.  I spent a lot of my teenage years growing up in the Bay of Plenty and it’s always good to race up the top of the ‘Mount’ and fill the lungs with sea air and take in the view.  Take a look here at the time-lapse below which I did from late afternoon through to the evening.  Enjoy !

Mount Maunganui – day-to-night time-lapseMount Maunganui, commonly known by locals as just The Mount, is an extinct volcanic cone at the end of a peninsula and the town of Mount Maunganui, by the eastern entrance to the Tauranga Harbour in New Zealand.

Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Friday, 25 November 2016