It’s the winter months that creates this fine line of keeping warm and staying indoors versus the need to get out and capture the beauty of winter.  Strangely enough, I have ventured out but not into the depth of the places I really want to go.

My whole desire to be based in this beautiful part of New Zealand, Central Otago, was to get the best of all seasons.  But for me, the autumn passed too quickly and the camera stayed inside.  That’s because I had a new job and needed to get my house unpacked and sorted before I do anything else.  Work got in the way too and the drive from Cromwell to Queenstown each day teased me with stunning autumnal colours.  The leaves are gone and now it’s winter.  The hills are now capped with snow, and again I’m teased with stunning sunset scenes providing beautiful layers of colour and reflections over Lake Hayes as I drive home.  But I don’t have time to stop given the other people in my car who couldn’t care less.  These are excuses, I know.  If I really want it, I’d stop and capture it.

Getting out is a matter of choosing the right window for weather and hoping that falls on the weekend.  As I write this blog, I know it’s the darkest period for a new moon and I really have a desire to capture a nice new astro time-lapse sometime soon.  Sadly, it’s not going the way I want it.  I also need a 4WD vehicle to get to some places that can’t actually get to.  The good thing is that I’m now starting to find a few photographer friends here.

The banner image above is a time segment image compiled from a time-lapse I did last year in Auckland.  It was made with slices from a number of frames across an 800 frame night to day shoot that featured in my award-winning time-lapse Daily Grind.  Special thanks to Mikey MacKinven who made it for me.  Check out Mikey’s site here.  Not only does he do graphic design, but he’s a well respected photographer.  The time segment image has been made with the aim of using it on my new business card which showcases what I do – time-lapse.

Having a great business card is something a photographer needs to have.  While I don’t go through many, they are good to hand out when on a shoot or meeting people and getting them to look at my website or social media channels.  Speaking of my website, I have received some great feedback from a number of people about how professional it looks and I’m really pleased about that.

Lastly, here’s a few recent scenes you might want to view.  Thanks for reading my blog if ventured down this far.


Queenstown had a decent dump of snow down to around 200m. I knew I had to get out and capture it while the conditions…

Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Friday, 15 June 2018



I’ve been in Central Otago nearly 2 months and finally found some time to get out and into the landscape. This long…

Posted by Stephen Patience Photography on Sunday, 3 June 2018